Is hacking SLT ADSL possible?

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Internet, Security
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Actually any system or device has the risk of being hacked. But if you are not using the available security measures then you can easily get hacked. It’s the same issue with SLT ADSL users also. Many don’t know the security level of the equipment they use and also an average user may not have all the technical capabilities about routers and other networking stuff. So if a user gets hacked or his accounts get misused who gets the responsibility. I’m quite sure SLT want, but actually they should be held responsible for configuring the equipment insecurely.

I will not tell how to hack through SLT routers, but I will explain the possibility of these threats.

  • If I have the knowledge on the SLT ADSL assigned IP ranges I can do a port scanning to find the active IPs and even the services running on the on various ports. For this there are more than enough port scanners and vulnerability scanners available. You can Google if you really want to know about them. There are very good open source tools available such as nmap.
  • Main issue with SLT is that when they configure the routers they keep the default device passwords intact.
  • So when trying to logon to those IPs most of the time the router models are also revealed and you can easily find the default password from the manufacturer’s site.
  • If you cannot find the manufacturer still there are only very few username, password combinations. You can try few randomly.
    • Admin, admin
    • Admin, 12345678
    • Etc.
  • Other than a few knowledgeable users everyone else are using the default passwords.
    • Get access to the router and you could steal the ADSL user name and password. (If you have a low bandwidth connection or a lesser quota remaining then you can hack and use someone else’s user details. this was possible some time back and I’m not sure whether SLT has blocked this)
    • Allow access to various protocols and ports
    • You name it …
  • Also the standard routes provided with SLT are not having the comprehensive security which most of the other widely available routers have. So it’s ideal if you only buy the connection from SLT and buy a known router which has most of the security enabled by default. Don’t fall for offers they give on routers. The seasonal cheap price is the actual price they buy the routers from the manufacturers. So you can expect advanced security :P

Also many users have their wireless security off so the neighbors don’t need to buy an internet connection. You may think that you don’t need this but there is a huge risk in this. You are trying to stop external attacks with antiviruses and firewalls. But a person who comes to an unsecured network will not be an outsider. So the attacks are much easier. They can hack into most of the computers routers and completely destroy the network. Any criminal activities carried out through your network will be on your account. So better to be careful I guess :P

There are laws but very few know about them and very few will know and use them. Even if they use them a hacker will be very careful to leave very few traces.

SLT should never configure the equipment with these two vulnerabilities for their own benefit and make the users unsecure. Of course if you are savvy on this better to implement this or get the services of a savvy person.

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  1. Kalindu says:

    Better way to use your own router such as D-link one is a good option and u may need to know bit of configuration (which is very easy web based one). Good article bro, pointing out these things.bcz most of the people think they are secured under their ISP which is NOT.

  2. amdan says:

    Hell ya..I use 300 GB per month with my 25 GB package…LOL..Thanks SLT..

  3. adsl usr2 says:

    I do this, but the problem is, Slow Speed!

  4. damitha says:

    Can you plz tell me?

  5. appuhami says:

    I hacked slt passwords and used them for about 2 years. But Finally slt blocked my port, now I cant do that anymore. I can only use my slt username and password. Hack is possible but ur port will definetely blocked after sometime.

    • venura9 says:

      For sure they can not prove that you hacked, otherwise you should be in jail by now. What if someone used their details on a different port, that should be allowed as far as I see..

    • adslkacker says:

      I have got the same problem I used to have 300gb connection since 24th of april I couldn’t continue using that accounts i guess same thing has happened to me which you mentioned here :(

    • Harshan says:

      yeah i did the same thing and they block mine, but i had an idea couldn’t try – if you change the password then the adsl port id will also change then we could use the hacked passwords (but i’m not if this works)

  6. MaXxCRiMe says:

    I have ADSL Username Passwords anyone interested ?
    Contact me

  7. D e X t E R says:

    For newbies :P finding a user and pass for SLT ADSL IN Sri Lanka is a piece of cake for anyone with good common sense :P . even with a simple keyword on Google you can find lot of usernames with rest passwords :P

    checked them 100% working guys

    PS: Im not a Hacker just Google helped me to find all i need to know :P












    kx2863067@sltbb passwords are default :P eg : 2863067
    ksw2297637@sltbb >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pass : 2297637

    • venura9 says:

      I see so many ” :P s ” in the comment… LoL
      Not common sense brother nothing to brag about, this is utter stupidity of SLT staff.

    • oliver_queen says:

      i’m also have a lot of usernames and passwords. i can’t use those to get internet but on usage meter. though i entered a usnm & a pswd to the router configuration, the internet bulb in router does not be green. it’s always red. but when i entered my own usrnm & psswd i can get net well. do u know a method to use those psswrds properly??

  8. This is all nonsense says:

    the usernames cant be used to go online…..they only allow u to go to the usage meter page

  9. naflan says:

    SLT staff has blocked..the method of using others username and pass..right?

    • venura9 says:

      Not really sure because I haven’t checked. But i’m quite sure they will block this. Also if you try this there may be legal actions coming towards you :) I know for a fact that they monitor these activities.

  10. Risking Life says:

    if i use someone else username and password and then if i get caught, what will happen ????? what are the legal action that SLT and real user who owns that username and password can take ???

  11. CJ says:

    I used to enter other SLT log in ID’s and passwords to download around 200GB~ a MONTH!!!! did this for over a year !!! that time was amazing !!! i used to download 8gb bluray movies and just delete them after watching :P but now SLT has found out about this ..i can only log in to the internet using my own land phone number and password ..i think this is called PORT BINDING ? im currently figuring out a way to go around this ..change the MAC ? or change my ADSL port id ? or Virtual Server ? will reply if i find a way :P

  12. Jackie says:

    I have been using another username and pass for about a week since i loose 25gb but after about 1 week only i have been blocked of using CJ mentioned above i believe that it can we over come by changing ADSL port id.And currently i hv found a method but i am not quit sure it will work long term ..Keep On Updating,..ill drop you all the method ASAP it become permanent..

  13. Nadun says:

    Now I cant use other usernam eand passwords, why is that>? help me..

  14. Shera LP says:

    yeah, SLT has blocked connecting using others usernames & Passwords. Guys we need to bypass their system ASAP…otherwise it’ll be impossible us to get laid with their pathetic 25GB throughout the whole month. I was using my gf’s unlimited connection package but now these basterds has blocked that too. any idea to overcome this problem?? :-(

  15. I used to download 100Gb per month from my 25GB package by not letting the sessions end but since last month O cant download 100mb more than 25GB. Apparently I have been blacklisted or something. My friends in town areas are still using this method. If you are in a rural area then SLT scanners will pick you sooner or later. Currently looking for a way to bypass it. Fuck SLT!

  16. Nick says:

    hey,I am using their 25GB package and now what I see is I have exceeded the limit but the speed isn’t reduced yet,is this normal?Why is this happening?If I keep downloading stuff would they charge or add the excess data amount to the next month or something?How could there be this kind of glitches in the SLT?Venura9 bro,request an immediate reply! :)

    • venura9 says:

      I think it’s only this month… usage meter showed 25GB+ by the 12th of the month or so and slowed and all of a sudden now the speeds have picked up. There is something wrong with SLT this month. But I’m not exactly sure. Let’s see how it goes next month..

  17. Mifhas says:

    Hey guys i am using 25GB package it is not enough for me, every month it was finished be for 15th so if you have any method to exceed that please tell me the method
    i am waiting for your reply

  18. I have a ADSL web family 1490 package…. but some of my friends still have Adsl 1500 unlimited package….but they never download more than 20GB from that….. i asked them for their password and they gave it to me!!! can anyone tell me that i can use them to download so more…. im scared to use thier logins from my land line……………….pls reply any one who know abt this???

    • Just PBK says:

      nooopppp….you cant… slt done port binding…..sry……i did it in previous year….but now i cant….

  19. Shera LP says:

    Also in this month showed 25GB+ , now 32GB .. Is it legit mate?? Are you guys having the same scenario??

  20. adheeb says:

    How Increse the data pls send me the method

  21. thanuj02 says:

    guys is there any one know how to bypass slt??????????????

  22. Just PBK says:

    hey guyz…….i tried all hacks in slt broadband.i won.i used more than 1TB within 3 months heheeee… .but until 31st December 2013…and……i found that …from 1st of January 2014 slt starts to bind usernames of broadband users with their own ports/lines…so users who are already faced to port binding they cannot use another username and password to log on….sorry…it lasts……..dont try again…….it sucks…..all over…………………………………..

  23. Doltan says:

    im using Web Starter internet package, Please tell me how to bypass SLT system and how get more GB ? pls send me

  24. Tharindu Damith says:

    I Hacked The Slt Adsl Account of My neighbour.
    The two Adsl port id’s of him and me are almost the same
    =TTY-AKP_ZXDSL9806H_02 atm 2/11:8.35
    =TTY-AKP_ZXDSL9806H_02 atm 2/7:8.35
    WILL THIS BE CAUGHT BY SLT? please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • venura9 says:

      It’s said now they bind the username to the port so you can not use someone else’s username/password.

      Bro, they know about that for sure! But they don’t really want to push on it.

      Few reasons for that;

      There is no proof to say you hacked, all they can see is that the equipment/port has changed. Then again for example you can use your office connection at home if your office permits.

      And they really don’t go after for the moment being a Government institute bound by policies. But you never know… :)

    • Kain says:

      This is strange, because they assign unique ADSL Port IDs as far as I know. You and your neighbour having the same ID will produce a conflict theoretically. Did you check afterwards? Is it still the same?

  25. Wavi says:

    the guy said he has downloaded 300GB for 25GB package .when he was doing that slt had a poor clock resetting (whether to check user is reached the limit or not ).It was resetting for 6 hour cycle.But now they have improved their system to check the limit real time . so the system quickly limit the connection.For Another improvement they have the capability of limiting the connection of the user while the user still surfing.Before that slt system had to wait to user to log off(disconnect).So practically you can’t download 300GB in25GB package Now . So sad :<

  26. Kain says:

    If someone can work out how the ADSL Port IDs are being assigned and whether it is possible to change them through any means that would be nice… Does changing the ADSL router or Modem assign us with a new ADSL Port ID? I do not have a spare device to check this… If anyone can check this and let us know it will be nice :)

  27. Azard says:

    I need you’r personal hep for me can you email me :-

  28. Mohamed Aashif says:

    my internet connection slowed down to 10kbps but iknow a way and i hacked it and they dont know about it

  29. Mohamed Aashif says:

    Now it is 1 mbps 1024kbps

  30. Intranet says:

    I dunno why, but something is wrong with my usage meter. It always freezes when I reach 1.3GB left in peak hours. After 1.3GB it doesnt go down anymore. Total usage comes to 0, but the speed never goes down. Always 8-10 Mbps. I got the connection 4 months ago, never got FUPped and I download about 80GB per month… :s

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